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Annie Jeanneret (texts and poems) invite you to discover the work of Guidi, painter-sculptor (1933-2001).

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After his enhousiastic discovery of Guidi’s paintings and sculptures of which I still own around a thousand of his works and knowing he holds an important place in contamporary Art history, I decided to trust Claude Lemmel’s talent and ability and accepted his offer to create this virtual museum together, which could be considered to be every artists’ dream from now on.

Annie Jeanneret

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Various subjects of studies, next parallel or succesive activities: theatre (Greek and classical tragadies, street theatre, café theatre), classical music (piano and composition, music teacher in primary and secondary school). From the 90ties on: journalism (written press and radio: Radio France international, France Culture). Continuous passions: writing poetry (of which a shared work with Guidi: Poetry-Sculpturs, Poetic Guide to Venise, etc.), travelling and speaking or learning languages (recently Dutch).


Developer and illustrator with a passion for computer languages and graphic arts, involved in associations and digital ethics. Find her work here.


Translations: Mary de Jong, Maria Bijland, Simonpierre Delorme, and G.A. Wiggers
Photos: Claude Lemmel