Works of the first period (1949 - 1978)

Guidi granted a somewhat tender esteem to his period of Poliakoff, Van Gogh or to his nudes “Bony Modigliani” of his blue period. All this was to be put in quotation marks, as he put it.

His first drawings, mainly nudes, already possessed a vivedness, a rythm and a meticulousness which would always be so specific of his work.

His paintings, either figurative or abstract proof his aquired technique, gained on his own or with teachers.

The sculpures of this “first period”, often geometrical and pure, are almost abstract, with a controlled frenzy of his passionate love for clay.

From his early years to his maturity, Guidi would always have to earn his living and like so many other talented and later on undisputed artists, could only devote little time to Art even though very gifted and loved above anything else.

These first thirty years, called ‘first period’ were a lot less prolific as his ‘second period’, which began little time after we had met in 1978 (he reached the age of 45) and will last until 2001: he will work and exhibit till the end of his life, creativity intact.

Nude holding a bar (pencil drawing)

Nu appuyé à une rampe	Nude resting on a banister