Science Frontier Trophy ( 2/2 )

“Friendly in their questioning, open at the top, these hands seem to reflect the very heart of the scientists’ mind. One in purity, meticulousness and fluidity, praised by a refined sheen of bronze, behold the hands of the painter sculptor Guidi, ready to applaude, as the event’s audience, one of the great researchers that honoured this event with his presence... (la Dépêche du Midi)

A little anecdote: Guidi asked me one day to compose a ‘poem about hands’, a challenge which seemed to me quite impossible to attain! Moreover he wanted them to be ‘separable in groups of two’ll sort it out!’ he added smiling. “Mission accomplished”, I told him, after I locked myself up in my office for what seemed to be ages. Happy and even admiring, he decided to assign this poem to each of his sculptures inspired by hands!


Hands to invent And hands to embrace Hands to work And hands to sooth

Hands that create the world Or that shatter life Hands of lovers Or prisoners

Hands for Friendship And for Freedom Thoughtful hands Beautiful hands!

Foundry Susse engraved the poem in a bronze sheet attached to Guidi’s sculpture ‘l’Homme et la Connaissance’ (Mankind and Knowledge) Secondary School in Breil-leVert