Stage in the sculpture of «Venice»

From life to art...

‘Venice’: a mystic litle for this intimate and ‘historical’ sculpture! It is our first trip to Venice. I am very happy but also heavily on chemotherapy. I was permitted to escape, postponing the next chemo session to discover this magnificent city. I am sleeping. The sheets have been put back up. The fold is harmonious, the buttocks visible they will be extended, magnified by Guidi. My companion throws a sketch on an ordinairy piece of paper: sculpture is movement. It is very simple, as life is, but one must possess the technique, the urge, the inspiration. The poem comes to me later and is strangely enough quite melancholy.

1 - first sketching ( felt pen ) 2 - terra cotta sculpture ( Etruscan sheen - bronze effect) 3 - drawing ( lead pencil) 4 - traditional lithography 5 - Blue Venice ( gouache ) 6 - Venice with Chinese lanterns and an oil lamp ( gouache )