The «Petit Atelier» at Clermont-de-l'Oise : portraits sketches ( 1/3 )

At the end of the 80ties Guidi and I passed a very difficult time, mainly because of his alcohol problem but also of our day to day life. So we decided to break up for some time, the time for him to buy a house in the city and to start ‘le Petit Atelier’ in Clermont, very close to Fillerval where Guidi lived and worked before he met me... also known for his psychiatrical hospital that once housed Séraphine de Senlis.

Guidi was not a very good educationalist, but because of his generosity and because he knew his trade well, he started his drawing workgroup (with models, men and women) for several friends, such as Max Vernageau and Jean-Marie Wable, who, thanks to Guidi, gained confidence and became an important artist himself.

Nevertheless, we did present our exhibition on Egypt together at the ‘Petit Atelier’. The television devoted a beautiful reportage of Guidi’s work illustrated with my poems, amongst others ‘The Sphinx’. Our relationship was never really interrupted, in spite of our resort to a divorce lodged together. By curious coincidence we never signed the statement, which was lost miraculously. So we took up our life together without further ado.