Travels in Europe

As of 1983 travels were a vital source of inspiration for Guidi when he took up his painting again.

Our practical Renault 4L Express contained provisions of water and groceries and on the roof we had a hydraulically jacked up tent which we accessed by a little ladder. In this way we travelled all over Europe, to the most beautiful, prestigious, wild and remote places without hotels or tourists.

The most important points of the European travels were Bavaria, Tuscany and in France Britanny and above all the Provence. Luberon ramained our favorite region. Each winter we rediscovered landscapes in a light that idealized the rock, cypresses and olive trees.

Guidi’s family is originally from Italy and it was our most favorate country. We travelled through the most beautiful cities and countrysides, which strangely enough never inspired Guidi. Venice, to which a ‘special’ chapter is dedicated, is a genuine period in Guidi’s work in close connection to my poems.

There is nothing spectacular or trivial in Guidi’s sketches, nothing to make it ‘pretty’, no fancy coulours: Guidi always went straight to the core with a kind of strict elegance.

Stormy weather on Ushant Island

Tempête à l'Ile d'Ouessant 3	Stormy weather on Ushant Island 3