Guidi loved Paris, the city he left as a young man. We took long walks together, often in silence, both so familiar and yet so estranged from the city of our youth.

We dearly loved the monuments, the trees as well as the Seine and its banks, the light so different depending on the weather or the season, and the different districts, true ‘villages’ withing the city.

Knowing that he could add nothing new to the pictorial world represented by so many artists, Guidi sketched, took photographs and then passionately painted Paris, contributed his mite to this rather dangerous path of the inevitable ‘postcard’;

Indeed, how can one be genuinely original when depicting Paris?

Foreseeing the criticism Guidi tossed wittingly: “I know that I am not original nor brilliant painting the sights of Paris, but I wanted to paint them, so I did and I enjoyed myself!”

«Thinking of Utrillo": Small road in Montmartre