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For French television a journalist once asked him a question and Guidi, who was normally so secret and did not like ‘to explain’ his art, laughed and answered: “Not at all! It is, just as Jeanneret* wrote, the desire to meet each other and to loose oneselve to the Other or others. The masked masks are poetry and tragedy, it is muteness and at the same time the most intimate expression of a Human being’s mystery.”

It is a joint inspitation, nourrished by our regular trips to Venise (see poem page 155).

Guide created his masked masks himself as well as other sculptures in bronze. He had the ability to learn and master the techique quickly that is the way he worked in a foundry in Alsace, that later on allowed him to work several times in the foundry of Susse for himself, under the approving looks of the workers and the executive staff.

Thus Guidi was one of the few who could create a sculpture from beginning to end, either paper or plaster, either wood or clay to bronze.

I find it important to remind, contrary to what one might hear, often with a lot of admiration, that sculptors do not cast thier bronze, they have it done.

* Guidi called me ‘Jeanneret’ because he thought my first name ‘Annie’ was too little a name for me and besides both our names were mentioned for the exhibitions. Guidi’s first name did not suit him either! Only very few intimate friends knew his first name... therefore I will not give it away!

Lutin rieur	Laughing Goblin