Poetic guide

Talented writers have dedicated dozens of guides to Venice, a city that fascinates the whole world. Just to name a few: Paul Morand and his Venices (in plural) and Dominique Fernandez who worked with Flavio Roiter and his epic books of photograhps and his famous Promeneur amoureux (Stroller in love).

So why another one?

Because such work does not exist! And because we esteemed it to be natural in our joined work that the drawing would be accompanied by poetic writing, which includes the somewhat didactic descriptions of several site that cannot be ignored;

This is a guide in the form of ‘poems drawings’ which include San Marco, il Palazzo Ducale, il Ponte degli Sospiri, la Laguna, Torcello, il cimetero della Isola de San Michele, etc. And even the phenomenon of the acqua alta (these floods, quite often during winter, very dramatic for the inhabitants and very popular with tourists: the reflections are absolutely amazing...)

This book contains ‘all of Venice’;

The information is seeping through in the rythm and sounds of the words of poetry, but both of us were deeply touched just after we arrived for the first time at the train station. Facing the Grand Canal everyone who arrives by trian is as struck by lightning by the view and falls instantly in love with the City des Doges. Not those who arrive either by car or aeroplane.