The gold powder of Venice

How can one not be fascinated by gold in church decorations or palaces, in pieces of jewellery or the valuable frames of paintings in musuems.

Let several milligramms of gold powder slip out of the package bought in a boutique in Venise (gold powder is a Venesian speciality) and delecately posing it in the palm or on the back of your hand, on your eyelid and we look at it in wonder and surprise just like we did when we were children.

The formula for Guidi’s ‘firework’ or little moons of the Venesian period is unfortunately unknown to me (the 80s and the beginning of the 90s). I never wanted to disturb him when he was working. So the mystery still exists........

What makes these works original is the use of gold to make it look ornamental, not spectacular nor volontarily, just to give that edge of luxury in its simplicity.

A white moon in a golden sky.