Monumental sculptures (official commissions)

A lot of sculptors are a little megalomaniac and feel the need to occupy, even invade an art complex to express themselves in huge dimensions. This was not the case with Guidi. When he was asked to create official commissions, he remained himself, always close to a Human being’s intimacy.

His official works of art always had a human dimension. As the embracing couple in the grass (standing on a sober pedestal) in the park of the Conseil général of the l’Oise. And the two beautiful busts at the entrance of the stairs of honour and the mask-painting at the reception desk of the Hotel du Département . As well as the fresco ‘Un enfant est venu’ (‘A child has come’) a mosaic in terra cotta in a wooden frame in the primary school Henri Wallon in Montataire, or ‘Le disciple et le maître’, sculpture erected in the courtyard of lycée technique (technical secondary school) in Breuil-le-Vert.

These last two monuments contain engraved poems in terra cotta in Guidi’s handwriting, the other in bronze from the foundry in Susse hold my handwriting, perfectly reproduced.

Guidi dedicated the Mausolée de Crépy-en-Valois to the children who died in that terrible accident in Beaune, they left so happily on a holiday....

Among one of the most striking works is his monument Le Silence et la Liberté (Silence and Freedom) devoted to patients of the psychiatric hospital in Clermont-de-l’Oise who died during the second world war, it is remarkable in both its purity and symbolism.

Mausoleum in Crépy-en-Valois (original in terracotta in Etruscan sheen)