Nursery school of Montataire: fresco « A child has come » ( 1/2 )

Just after we met, we decided to accept Frédérique’s (Guidi’s daughter) wish, then a young adolescent to come and live with us. This was not only during our honeymoon but also while I was undergoing a chemotherapy treatment that would last four years.

So I embarked on a double adventure, one of an everyday companion and one of ‘adopted motherhood’ as well as my artistic creation, because I increasingly wrote ‘hand in hand’ with Guidi’s work, a work that demanded energy ... and solitude!

Guide has always been an overprotective father, even though he was not able to express his feelings in words, not with me, not with his daughter, nor with his friends. He could only understand love-passion, love-union. He was often a little clumsy in emotional relationships that required a regular and deep verbal exchange. He did like words, poetry was a part of that, like music was, he would alway express his core being -save for his feelings or emotions- with a lot of talent either spoken or in written words.

Guidi was a passionately loving human being, and at the same time he could start a quarrel with the same passion. The relationship with the other person, either filial or married, had to be above all authentic and pure, which is a difficult desire to maintain calmly and in a good mood. His sculptures clearly show this quality of Love, alway with the capilal L.

Entry hall of the primary school Henri Wallon (Photo Guillaume de Panafieu)