« Greek tragedy » ( 1/5 )

Symbolic sculpture based on photographs of me playing in a Greek tragedy in a theatrical performance of Eschyle, adapted by Paul Claudel, ‘the Choéphores’.

Since my teenage years Greek tragedy was my actor’s vocation and I finally succeeded, strangely enough just before cancer was diagnosed.

Guidi never saw me on stage because my career ended as soon as the illnes was discovered but in these photos he felt every emotion I possessed.

However this ‘fatum’ (fate for the Greeks), this doom I was unconsciously waiting for, will be conquered by both Guidi’s love and denial and by the will of the ‘sick person’ that I was, who never behaved as such and would ‘refuse’ death but calmly accepting the idea.

The sculpture is sober and meticulous, not dramatic, just ‘inevitable’ as death is that is everybody’s ‘fatum’.

Original sculpture (terracotta with a Etruscan sheen)


La tragédie grecque	Greek tragedy