Printer’s ink ( 1995- 2001 )

In 1995 Guidi stumbled on printer’s ink (see hereafter) which fascinates him. The colours are so varied, an incomparable substance but very difficult to work with, viscous and sticky.....and stays under the nails a very long time. He invents his own tools and techniques. The start of a productive period, a profound experienc that would last until end of his life.

Guidi is thrilled by the discovery of the somewhat inconvenient material. He starts with soaking paper as it was done by bookbinders. He quickly refines his own technique, just like the way he worked with gouache or watercolours. But he obtains this litlle bit extra, this exceptional sheen that one can not get with either oil or acrylic paint.

So Guidi often plunges in the abstract, giving space to the imaginary and by chance he little by little manages to control the material. Guidi is the only artist to use the inks in such a way.

« The Orpheus of Jean Cocteau »

L'Orphée de Jean Cocteau	Jean Cocteau's Orpheus