First inks

“I developed a technique that to my knowledge is very little used or not used at all, which is working with printer’s ink. Why? Quite simply because I have a friend, a printer in Clermont, Michael Nolle, who stocked pots of left-over ink in incredable colours and I asked him to keep them for me ‘just to see’. Why not try and find a new technique after the oils I used when I started painting, the acrylics or gouache, and the varnish I used in the last couple of years: and so I decided to give it a try. ...

With the inks one likes to see and look what happens when soaking paper, that is, in the beginning. Certainly ‘chance’ often works wonders! But one wants to progress, by drawing; by returning to use these paint on the elements, by cutting out, by collage, etc. That is why I created an atmosphere a little spectacular, unreal, even surrealistic. And I obtained landscapes, persons who could have come from another world the combination of reds, sulphur yellows, blues or purples that is not found on this earth. Clearly, such landscapes do not exist.

But if we imagine that the universe is unlimited, that we are maybe surrounded by hundreds of thousand, millions, thousand of millions other galaxies, these landscapes do exist: not on earth, but in another galaxy or in other paralles worlds and I honestly think they come from another world because I belief they exist!”

(interview by Yannick Tranchant for Radio Fugue FM Compiègne)

Guidi in the «Small Studio» in Clermont-de-l'Oise (at the end of the 90ties)