Imaginary animals

The stricken and tragic looking bird, the devil-pig so sad, the bat hardly touching, even though very incredibly present, the ‘Picasso’s’ bull, are all very representational and at the same time imaginary.

But there are also those works depicting animals that we cannot put a name to, coming from Guidi’s fingertips without any intention.

Guidi loved animals and told me just after we had met that when he was in Normandy a cow litteraly fell in love with him who came to see him every now and then, just wanting him to be there, something I thought funny and was moved by as well. He succeeded as well to tame a chicken....

Guidi liked cats in particular and when our black cat Arthur who liked so much to pose for photos or reporters’ cameras (cats can be flutactors too), died, he was inconsolable and for a long time could not talk about him without tears coming to his eyes....

So it is only natural that animals, so present during everday life, would also be present in his works of art.

Red and blue cackotoos