Imaginary landscapes

During the last years of his life Guidi could really express himself through these Imaginary Landscapes.

The sea is a part of Guidi, a sort of sensual presence: he could swim and dive for long stretches of time, taking huge waves. He knew the sea, it never was an enemy. When he lived in Vallauris he had less oppertunity to go but he never forgot her. I was in the same mood:

Le paysage de tes yeux est allé se cogner au cœur de la mer le paysage de ma vie est allé tournoyer aux vents de la mémoire, ma vie, tes yeux, la mer, le vent et la mémoire habitent mon silence et font glisser les heures...

The moon above roads or the sea, the veined stones of Petra are a number of materials that took Guidi to other develpment in unreal colours.

The landscapes do not oblige us to anything, we are free to dream: a dream for each of us. I did give them a title however... and one is free to ignore!

The printer’s ink enabled Guidi to let his imagination wander off and went from representative to abstract with his figures, animals and above all the ‘imaginary landscapes’, and last but not least his roads that he considered to be extremely important. (see hereafter ‘Artistic Will’)

On the bed and at the surface of the sea