« Eruption » or « The Vulcano »

I did not write any poem during the time that Guidi worked on his Imaginary World, which I did willingly, as some of the landscapes could and still can inspire me to write. I thought it better not to influence the publics’ look on his work and let it completely free to interpretation.

On the occasion of the exhibition-tribute to Guidi that was organized by Palais Ducal in Nevers (2004), I had to write a text for the invitations. I remembered a poem that is oddly enough pessimistic, with a difficult theme, titled Embrasement, which I wrote a month before Guidi died, just before our last exhibition at the gallery Elizabeth Fark in Grinzach, near Basel.

This work of art, in shades of magnificent reds, made me think in the first place, not of a vulcano’s eruption, that became the title but of the casting of bronze at the foundry of Susse for the Mausolée de Crépy-en-Valois. The sculpture’s theme is that of love either of a family of a couple- however profound, it is bound to end either by a divorce or by the death of one or the other.

Breaking-up is dying and dying is the ultimate break-up... A foreboding poem?


Ce volcan éclaté,

exalté, embrasé,

c'est le Feu, c'est l'Amour,

c'est le bouillonnement

d'une coulée de lave:

C'est notre Solitude...

et la cendre est si noire !