The Nièvre and its authentic countryside

At the end of 1999 when l’Oise became a kind of suburb, we decided to move to the real country and we fell in love with the Nièvre, its flowing hills, its hedges and its calm. The intriging Morvan not far away...

Barns and a stable, a large house full of light, hardly civilized nature at the back of the house (we felt as the only ones on earth) 6000m² for the two of us and a beautiful view of the Morvan, a tiny little hamlet where only one or two cars pass every day.

So there we are in the Granges des Serrées, in the Bazois between Château-Chinon and Nevers, surrounded by nature and a supurb countryside with always changing skies.This is where we chose to spend the time that was left of our lives.We finally settled down.

Thanks to local exhibitions in which we wanted to participate, we quickly made friends, above all among the ‘immigrants’ who, like us, chose to live in this beautiful, and for as yet unknown region.

Guidi spend but little time there, but lived it profoundly, working hard until the end. Just after he passed away a beautiful tribute was given at the Palais Ducal, thanks to Jean-Louis Balleret, writer and art-lover, counsellor (of a French department) of Patrimony and Culture.

I quickly decided to organize a permanent exhibition of his works of art in his studio, the Grange des Serées and to organize a annual festival for all sorts of perfomances: poems, chamber music, classical music or French songs, and lectures.

Besides, ‘La Grange’ became a French-Dutch meeting place. I learned to speak Dutch to be able to talk more intimately with my new friends and I discovered quite a remarkable poetry and a beautiful language, a pleasure that I passionately try to share!

La Grange des Serrées, near Saint-Saulge