Art, politics and friendship

Guidi was very grateful to those who loved and admired him, to those who supported him in his search for authenticity and they came from all sorts of political backgrounds and opinions. For him art had nothing to do with politics, but I beg to differ.

So we had an excellent relationship with all kinds of people, left or right winged, even during the election period, who saw each other during private previews of exhibitions or during dinners at La Grange de Fillerval.

And of course I will never forget the exceptional generosity of our friend and printer Micheal Nolle and his son Stéphane, and our friendly exchange of several works of art between numerous invitations and posters that I designed (at the time it meant cutting, sticking and a lot of patience) and Guidi would alway gave the go-ahead. The gifts of precious paper and the jars of ink that led to his most beautiful works.

As far as the profession is concerned (can one call Art a profession?), on the international level Guidi was deeply moved by the loyalty and admiration of gallery owners, in particular Jean-François (gallery Schèmes in Lille) and Helga Friese who, besides the regular exhibitions in her gallery in Basel, presented us several times to the prestigious Kunstmesse.

Helga Friese, intellegently and sensibly, translated my poems into German and opened the doors to Germany with her friend Elizabeth Fark, a highly professional gallery owner with whom we would become close friends, and exhibitions of Guidi’s work the last time, just a month before he died.

First exhibition abroad of our Sculptures Poems" Art Shop (Helga Friese) Basel