Roads and skies ( 1/2 )

“If the public has the impression, when standing before one of my paintings, to be truely ‘in’ the road, me, when I am on the road especially at night, I have the impression of being in one of Guidi’s paintings!” (Guidi interview for FR3 Picardie)

The roads created during the last years of his life (1996 1997) took place at a particulary intense period and was an obsessional theme of his work.

For experts, art collectors, gallery owners and art critics, this ‘period of roads’ is the one, of what he considered to be, his two or three successes. He was not easily satisfied and said to be happy to leave them behind after he died. He did not consider it very important for his work to continue to exist, making them was for him essential, not to sell or to become a part of a cultural heritage.

These roads can summarize Guidi’s talent, nearly abstract with a richness, a diversity of brilliant and intense colours the merits of printer’s ink bright and skillful drawing, not picturesque with a purity of lines, volumes and originality of colours.

Guidi’s roads are extraordinary symbolic for his life and his way in life, winding in shadow and light, surrounded by woods that are a little dark and mysterious under a more or less cloudy sky.

The skies are a natural part of the roads and we find ourselves, as his work, ‘in between’.

We always find ourselves swaying between ‘solid’ material with its natural bounderies and the ‘intangible’ that in our imagination is nearly always moving: the ‘magnifent clouds’ of Baudelaire, that are quite clearly our inner skies...

Winter road in night blue, and with white lines