Vallauris (1955 1967)

Like all people who are living in Paris, Guidi dreams of sunshine and nature and moves to Vallauris in the Provence with his companion Claudie Laurent. There his daughter Fréderique was born on the 5nd of May 1961 and would change the 28 years old artist in a very responsable father: he earns his living by decorating potteries, putting his own artistic inspirations on the back burner. He invented the seed necklaces which he sold himself throughout the region in his 2CH. Sadly, manufacturers will steel his idea and so depriving him from a fairly good income.

However Vallauris, the village being famous for the presence of Jean Marais and Picasso, did offer him the most precious gift: friendship with the latter, formed when talking during a night watch, while Guidi watched over a fresco designed for the UNO.

Picasso became a model for him, whom he will esteem for the rest of his life, the reapraisal and the various ‘times’ of bustling creativity. The young painter even has the privilege to exhibit his paintings in the same gallary as Picasso and Fernand Léger. So his career seemed very promising.

Sadly, the gallary where Guidi exhibites in Cannes went bankrupt and took his main works. And so he stopped painting until he took it up again very late in his life (1983).

Touching clay, Guidi started to turn the potter’s wheel certainly not electrical, such blasphemy he used to say, and rediscovered these ancient movements of potters, whom we met 30 years later during our long wanderings in Egypt (1988) in a village lost in time the potters were quite amazed to see a European so at ease working an ageless potter’s wheel.

The sensuality of clay leads Guidi to sculpture.

A Roof of the Provence (First period)

Ma période Van Gogh 5 - Toits de Provence	My Van Gogh period 5