Science Frontier Trophy ( 1/2 )

Theatre has its ‘Molière’, cinema its ‘César’ and thanks to Jean-Yves Casgha, big admirer of, amongst others, Guidi’s work, well-known journalist and founder of the Science Border Festival, Science would have its ‘Guidi’. Every years this trophy will be awarded to a researcher, writer or artist with a close link to the world of science: thus the writer Didier van Cauwelaert, Patrice Serres (draughtsman of comic strips and sinologist) Gilles-Eric Seralini (molecular biologist and fierce opponent of GMO and Round-up and known poet) and Chistian Boiron (founder of the homeopathic labatory) were awarded.

During these events, quite exceptional in terms of quality and diversity, we were able to meet scientists with a profound esteem for art and poetry, of whom many would become our friends, like Jacques Benveniste (la mémoire de l’eau “water’s memory”) or the researcher-poet Gilles-Eric Seralini, paleontologist Yves Coppens, Jacques Testard (IFV in vitro fertilization-, one of Amandine’s dads), Rémy Chauvin, bees and ants specialist, and last but not least the botanist Jean-Marie Pelt, fabulous storyteller of Adventures of plants and founder the European Ecological Institute in Metz.

As far as our friend Corinne Russo is concerned, her entousiastic and warm personality, chairwoman and founder of tourists’ office in Cavaillon who initiated the creation of the Parc de Luberon, her ability and dedication helped enormously to make this prestigious event a success. We owe her lovely exhibitions which she organized especially in connection with an event of the tourists’ office of Cavaillon, in a beautiful room, at the foot of Saint-Jacques hill. Thanks to her the local audience knew Guidi and remained loyal. So Corinne Russo is completely connected to this scientific and friendly adventure that was symbolized by this throphy*.

* We used to call this trophy “the little butterfly hands” to distinguish them from other sculptures that were inspired by hands.