1983 : Back to painting

In the spring of 1983 we were facing a dilemma: we had to choose between our joined work and our exhibitions, or this philantropic event which was very successfull but demanded too much time and money. To our regret it would be the 5th and last festival. Guide decides to organize a drawing competition for the local schools, and I was in the United States to promote his sculptures and the works of other artist of the Schèmes’ Galary.

Jean-Daniel Haldiman, collector friend and manager of the Paillard establishments (artists’ supplies) generously gives us many litres of gouache by way of award to the winners, but in the end everybody received some bottles. There were even bottles left.

Standing before these bottles of gouache, what to do... if not feel the desire to paint after dedicating twenty years only to sculpture? It was then that an idea came to his mind: painting his sculptures, combining his two passions. No sooner said than done!

To paint, to draw and to lithogragh sculptures like the Bathing Vénus, Cain and Abel, and most of all Venice (see page 114), one of his most beautiful ‘intimate sculptures’, was the true springboard back to painting, a kind of revival for Guidi.

A sculptor painting his sculptures, one art taking over the other meeting with the same inspiration again? Highly unusual!

His favourite themes were our European or distant travels, still lives and nudes. Besides, Guidi rediscoveres his initilal love for drawing thanks to the lithographic pencils with which he worked for our collection ‘Poem Sculptures’.

Orange Venus entering the bath

Vénus au bain orange	Orange Venus entering the bath