Cemetery of Clermont-de-l’Oise : « Silence and Freedom » ( 1/2 )

Account of the project in the ‘Courrier Picard’ (local newspaper)

“This monument will be erected in the cemetry of Clermont-de-l’Oise in memory of the patients (approximately three thousand) who died during the second world war in the largest psychiatrical hospital in France

The supply problems were worse than for the rest of the French population. The patients were also deprived of care because of the war, but above all, because the Nazi politics wanted to exterminate the mentally sick.

The mayor André Ventomme wished to pay tribute to these people and assure that they are not left out of history, and entrusted Guidi the design and construction of this work of art: two walls facing each other diagonally and measuring 2,5 meters high and 3,5 meters long with a sculpted bronze bird of impossible freedom.”

« Silence and Freedom » ( restoration scheduled in spring of 2013)