The man and the artist - 1/2

Just two years ago Guidi and his wife Annie Jeanneret came to live in the village Crux-la-Ville, in the hamlet La Grange des Serrées, near Saint-Saulge. An old house on a hillside with a magnificent view of the fields of Bazois and further away the blue hill of the Morvan.

After travelling and exhibitions all over the world Guidi settles down, without knowing, for the last time. In the Nièvre, despite his illness Guidi does what he has always done: searching, inventing, creating. He developes his work with printer’s ink, which he started in 1995 and imaginary landscapes as well as fabulous animals.

It was to be his last research. But there were others. Indeed, Guidi was not the kind of artist who felt obliged to repeat a certain style, - which is often done for commercial reasons-. He tried to work with everything and enjoying it: painting in oils, gouach with varnish, lithographic pencils, tradional lithographic hand press, pottery, sculpture going from representative to abstract, still lives to nudes, travel memories to imaginary landscapes.

And then in 1978 he meets Annie Jeanneret, musicien, actress and poet, and they start to work together which results in a magnificent album on Venice where Guidi’s drawings are side by side with Annie’s poems as well as the collection Poems-Sculptures with a preface of Paul Belmondo.

Guidi arrives in the Nièvre by chance but gets attached to this region. There was even time left to make friends. These friends are the ones, with his wife, who keep the memory of Guidi alive in the Grange des Serrées. I hope that this exhibition may enlarge the number of admirers of this authentic and sincere artist.

Jean-Louis Balleret (booklet of the exhibition-tribute at Palais Ducal, Nevers)

Bridge: construction, work connecting two points separated by a depression or obstacle (definition Petit Robert dictionary)

This bridge is probably a revival, an inconscient memory of Venice with the additional symbolism.

Above all it is the reflection that is important, the reflections that absolutely fascinatid us during our travels in Venice.

Magic reflection... Is it not true that we find the ‘truth’ of a human being and life in general in the ‘reflection’ that is more beautiful, rather than the blunt and often little poetic life we call ‘reality’?

The old bridge and its reflection