The barn of Fillerval and its festival ( 1/2 )

For five years we organize the Festival de la Grange de Fillerval of high quality level, alone and without any subsidies and completely for a local audience with affordable entry prices. Often celebrities would perform, friends who did not care about money, like the pianist Alain Motard, the opera singer Lucia Scappaticci, painter Jean Garonaire or actor and director Jean Cuny, the poet Jean-Claude Guilmart, dancer Chantal Thierry or the musicians’ family Phillips-Valjabedian.

From 1979 to 1983 we worked half-time for six months on the festival and six months ‘double-time’ out of zeal and of course completely voluntary. We became the sponsors which we could absolutely not afford. Every time we organized two or three exhibitions and about a dozen events: shows for children, poetic recitals, chamber music, classical singing, dance, exhibitions, etc. The barn could accommodate about a hundred people, seated on cinema benches which we salvaged from an old movie theatre from the 1900. A large stage could house several events or even a chamber orchestra consisting of approximately thirty mucisians.

Le Festival de la Grange de Fillerval will remain one of our big adventures in our life, as are our travels and above all our joint work: Poem-Sculptures (or Sculptures-Poems) and later Poems-Paintings or Drawings.

Many press articles and radio and television broadcast were dedicated to the Festival for a faithfull audience that followed every development in our little hamlet.

Guidi and I were convinced that art is ‘for everybody’ and we devoted a large part of our time to this conviction, in between our travels or exhibitions.