Imaginary figures

Guidi’s figures are very varied, derived from his memory revisited. Most of the time they are completely invented, even though the subconcious survives!

Indeed, the singer may remind of Yvette Guilbert whose teacher Edmond Heuzé knew him well in his time of Montmartre of which he talked a lot, sometimes to the detriment of his painting!

The stylised conductor represented the impossible dreams of his childhood, but music studies were unthinkable when coming from such a modest background.

As far as the faun is concerned, that obviously came from his memory of Debussy’s Prélude à l’après midi. Guidi loved the flute and even played a little bit the recorder.

But numerous other figures match nothing personal and come strictly from the freedom of the hand that would sometimes have a live of its own and worked as if ‘alone’ driven by something which is generally said to be ‘inspiration’.

Two gossiping ghosts